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Victim Tributes

In honoring victims of alcohol-related crashes, loved ones have submitted photos and memories to commemorate their life.

Angela Marie Runningen—Angela was born in Lacrosse, WI on June 7, 1980. I remember the day she was born—the only girl in a nursery full of boys. What a gift she was! Her childhood was made up of Barbie dolls and imaginary friends. Angela was truly a “free spirit.” Throughout grade school she enjoyed being with her friends. She had leadership qualities, along with a strong faith in God.


Beth Ann Hoyme—On a cool April evening, as she was returning home from work in Rochester, a man was driving drunk and Beth had no chance to escape the head-on collision in her north bound lane. For an hour-and-a-half the emergency room personnel and surgeons tried to save her young life.


Cheri Beaumont—On April 12, 1995, Cheri Beaumont, twenty-two years of age, tragically lost her life—another victim of a tragedy that threatens to strike any of us—drunk driving.


Iva Burr—The driver of the pick-up truck was a 33-year-old male with a past DWI conviction and multiple traffic violations. As is the case so many times, he was not injured in the crash.


Jessica Rae Cushman—It was winter of 1994—November to be exact, and we had just had our first blizzard of the season. My daughter and I decided to spend the day putting our Christmas decorations up. She was eager to help, to be a part of everything, and I was excited to just stay home, drink hot chocolate, and later watch some movies we had rented.


Jodi De Marre Carlson—Jodi was a beautiful, fun-loving, energetic 25-year-old woman. She was a single parent, the loving mother of a beautiful 6-year-old daughter, Jenna. Jodi had everything to live for, but on September 25, 1993, she was killed by a hit-and-run drunk driver.


Joel Roberts—The crash occurred on October 2, 1993 in the middle of the day as the family was returning from a day trip to Little Falls. Doug and Dianne Roberts, with their only child Joel, were heading northwest along Highway 10.


Joshua Myles Renken—It was a Saturday evening on January 18, 1997. We had finished supper and Josh and his older brother, Tony, had gone outside to build a “snow ramp” or snowbank for Josh to snowboard on. They had come in to warm up and then Josh decided to go back outside to play with Chris Kolb, the neighbor from across the street. They decided to dig out a snow fort in the snowbank in Chris's yard.


Peter T. Meyer—Peter was our only son. He was killed in a drunk driving crash on March 17, 1991. Since that time, we have gone through every emotion possible. We still think of him every single day! He is missed at every family gathering! This year he would have been 30-years-old.


Renee Peter—Sixteen-years-old and the captain of her school volleyball team, Renee was looking forward to her junior year in high school. College scouts would be at her volleyball games and, hopefully, she would be offered an athletic scholarship.


Rhonda Holker—In early October 1993, the smell of sweetgrass on the wind and the sound of the drum marked the ceremony for the installation of the headstone at Rhonda Holker's grave. A Native American company in South Dakota made the headstone in keeping with Rhonda's traditional spiritual beliefs.


Shannon Colleen O'Brien—Shannon was the answer to our dream of having a child. We adopted her when she was just seven weeks old. At the age of 17, with a baby girl of her own, she searched for and found her birth parents, Karen and Roger. We learned that she had enough love for both families.


The Barneys—Friday, December 20, 1996, is a date my family and I won't soon forget. It is the night that we were hit head-on by a drunk driver.


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