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children without a choice. when a parent drives drunk with a child in the car, tragedy can result. madd wants to ensure that this very real form of child endangerment is not ignored

the veil of trauma


MADD Victim Services

MADD is the largest crime victim assistance organization in the world. Bereaved families and injured victims of drunk driving crashes may call MADD's 24-hour victim hotline, 1-800-GET-MADD, to reach trained victim advocates who can provide free literature on victim issues, emotional support as well as guidance through the criminal justice system.

Local MADD volunteers monitor court cases and report outcomes to local citizens and news media to help ensure that drunk driving offenders are punished to the fullest extent of the law. Judges across the country sentence drunk driving offenders to attend MADD-sponsored Victim Impact Panels—a program where victims and survivors tell offenders how drunk driving has irreversibly changed their lives.

MADDvocate magazine provides a forum for bereaved and injured victims and those who advocatee for them to share ideas, insights and incentives for emotional, physical and justice-oriented healing as well as addressing victim-specific issues.

How MADD Can Help You Now

  • A MADD victim advocate can offer emotional support and provide information by phone or in person. Many of our advocates are victims of crashes themselves.
  • MADD has a wide selection of free publications for victims of crashes. You may call MADD and ask an advocate to bring them to you, or you may ask that they be mailed.
  • If financial assistance is needed, an advocate can assist you in obtaining and filling out an application for crime victims compensation.
  • Your advocate may provide a list of professional counselors skilled in working with crash victims.
  • Many MADD chapters offer victim support groups where you can meet other families who share your experience.

Victim Assistance Resources


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