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MADD's Legislation Goals

MADD Minnesota's legislative activities have increased greatly over the past few years. This will be the fifth year that Minnesota will try for the .08 Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) bill. This year, MADD will again try to pass the .08 BAC legislation and will look at many other issues, especially concerning underage access to alcohol. Please help us in our efforts by calling your local congressional representative to voice your support.

The Minnesota legislature recently passed two laws that get tough on adults who provide alcohol to youth. One toughens criminal penalties; the other provides for civil remedies. But laws are only effective if the public is aware of them and supports their enforcement.

Minnesota 2003 vs 2004 Fatality Statistics

  2003 2004
Total Traffic Fatalities 655 567
Alcohol-Related Fatalities 255 177
Percentage of Fatalities Alcohol Related 39% 31%
Lives Saved Alcohol Related   78
Percentage Down   31%

If you would like to volunteer, contact Lynne Goughler at (651) 268-0674.


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